Zach Braff Makes a Wise Choice…. in Watches

If you are the type of person who loves watching reality trainwrecks, you are probably pretty familiar with Ashton Kutcher’s show “Punk’d”. This show basically sucker punches celebrities – videotapes it – and then puts it on cable for all to see…

Kutcher’s show has made Justin Timberlake cry for his mommy, Salma Hayek get blamed for clogging and flooding a restaurant toilet, and made Zach Braff go mental on a twelve year old kid. The show is pretty funny (in small doses) unless of course – the joke is on you…

In Braff’s case – he just bought a new porsche, parked it, and upon his return “caught” the youngster vandalizing it with spray paint. Except that the Punk’d crew had actually given the kid fake spray paint – so he wasn’t actually vandalizing the car. Zach went Ballistic on the 12 yr old kid.

When the cameramen came running out Braff didn’t look entirely thrilled that he just had an “episode” on a 12 yr old kid – on film, but he seemed to play along with the joke.

I did read online somewhere that Braff actually pummeled the kid a few times – but that Ashton edited that out since your not supposed to punch kids on Punk’d. This could be rumor or it could be truth – I don’t know for sure – but its an interesting story.

The one thing I gotta give Zach Braff is that he does have style. He has good taste in cars, almost married Mandy Moore, and is seen here wearing a Bell & Ross BR 01 watch.

Not bad for a “Scrub”….

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