You Are What You Wear….. Really?

People fall into 2 very distinct categories when trying to answer this question: people who don’t care and think about clothes and regard fashion and watches merely as functional utility items and those who are trying to say something about themselves by the things they wear.

Its not to say that the folks in category 1 aren’t interesting and fascinating people, they may be, just not when it comes to fashion. For the folks in the second category, the ones who think and plan what they put on themselves……. you can tell a lot about these people by looking closely and examining the detail.

From a man’s perspective……. details would include; shoes that are shined, nails that are clean and trimmed, fitted shirts and suits, shoe leather that matches the belt, eyeglasses, watch, ring and shoe buckles that are of matching metal…… I could go on and on here. These things all tell you that this man is particular about his appearance.

It would be a misnomer to assume that somebody who is generally “well to do” and enjoys luxury in one category will have a taste for another. I regularily meet successful people who have beautiful cars, staggering homes but have a Timex Triathalon on their wrist. But as the percent of wealthy consumers in the US increases, more and more people in the US seem to be buying fine watches and jewelry. Who is buying what? and what do you think it says about that person…….

Random Observations…….and sweeping generalizations:

  • People think of Rolex as the first watch they need to buy when they achieve a certain level of financial stability. This is in part due to Rolex’s strong brand or for some people who want to let their friends and peers know, they have a Rolex and “they have arrived.” If it is a Submariner or Datejust, they probably just want a good watch that will last them for years. But as they become watch collectors, they invariably sell or trade this watch and move into the more boutique, higher end brands like Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Ulysse Nardin, and Girard-Perregaux. If they have a Rolex Gold President, they are an older conservative guy, likely over 60.
  • Patek Phillipe says well monied, conservative, usually an older guy….. definitely not edgy or fashion forward. Wears Hermes ties.
  • The edgier, fashion forward gent with dough wears a Harry Winston, Roger Dubuis, Franck Muller. This guy doesn’t shop at Brooks Brothers but the Rolex president guy probably does.
  • Conservative who appreciates nice things would wear Chopard, Blancpain and Patek Phillipe. This guy wears blue suits with red ties.
  • High end sports watches (and probably the guy who own a decent boat) would be Corum, Ulysse and the AP Royal Oak Offshore.
  • The Bell & Ross guy is probably the new and improved Panerai guy.

Hmmmm, any others…..?

About Steve

Stephen Culcasi’s passion is for fine timepieces. He discovered his love of fine watches when he entered the industry ten years ago and brings extensive experience in retail management and private client service to Lussori. Stephen takes pride in the impressive selection of timepieces offered at Lussori which is located on Ocean Avenue in Carmel, California and has a keen eye for spotting new trends. His clients make up a who’s who list of celebrities, high profile business people, and respected collectors worldwide. Stephen holds a bachelors degree from Cal State Long beach. He enjoys restoring antique cars and photography.

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