Wilmer Valderrama Likes Big Watches

Wilmer Valderrama has had quite a run. Born in the US, Wilmer’s family later moved to Venezuela and then moved back to the US when he was 13 years old.

When he got back, he didn’t know a lick of English and spoke with an accent thicker then Charo. What does a young kid in this situation do?

Become and actor and get rich of course….

Within 5 years, this non-English speaker was:

  1. On a hit TV show
  2. Rich…and
  3. Dating Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore and Jennifer Love Hewitt

This non-English speaker has had more success in his first 5 years then Tom Vu did selling infomercial real estate in the 90’s !!

Luckily for him, the character he portrayed on “That 70’s Show” was a foreign exchange student with a very thick accent. Talk about luck!

(Anyone making a movie need a chubby Latino with male pattern baldness????)

Since then, Wilmer has parlayed his success into 3 restaurants and a TV show on MTV.

So what’s next for a mid-20’s Latino heart-throb with a great head of hair and nearly no noticeable accent AND who also has 70’s TV show experience?

DUH! Hit the big screen and portray a mid-20’s Latino heart-throb from the 70’s with a great head of hair and no noticable accent!!

Thats right! Young Wilmer is scheduled to hit the big screen as a 70’s latino icon Francis “Ponch” Poncerello in the upcoming re-make of CHiPS.

Some guys have all the luck…

Anyhoo, looks like the spoils of Hollywood has infact made it to Wilmer’s wrist. Seen here in a night club Wilmer is photographed wearing a Breitling Navitimer – that – doesn’t quite fit him correctly. I wonder is he knows that theses watches are meant to be sized to the individual.