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Lets pretend you are ridiculously famous.

Lets also pretend you were incredibly rich and made 20 million dollars a film.

Now close your eyes and pretend you are the best looking man on the planet and every woman was eager to mate with you (sounds like an after-shave commercial, I know).

Now, because you are the best looking guy on the planet, you get to mate with the best looking girl on the planet (but of course she is slightly nuts).

Welcome to Brad Pitt’s Life

Brad’s life isn’t all sunshine and roses.

Imagine what its like walking through airports around the world – How do you do it when you are that rich and famous? Wouldn’t you feel threatened with all the crazy stalker fans out there.

I know I would.

What would you do to insure some nutter won’t try to kidnap you or your family for ransom?

You lo-jack yourself!

And thats exactly what Brad did. He went out and bought a shiny new Breitling Emergency watch. With a flick of switch (pin), this watch will send out an emergency beacon guaranteeing a seal-team type rescue. Don’t let your kids get a hold of it. If the pin gets accidently pulled and a Navy Seal team shows up on your front door, get ready to fork over $10,000 for that little accident. Ooops!

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