White, Rose, or Yellow Gold?

Most of the jewelry on our website is available in all three major variations of 18k and 14k gold (white, rose and yellow), and oftentimes, it’s not easy deciding which to go with.  Each of these metal types has its unique character and benefits, and it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the differences.

To begin with, I’d like to first point out the differences between 18k and 14k gold.  18k gold is a slightly more expensive and more prestigious metal  than 14k. This is due to a couple of factors, the first being that 18k gold has a higher gold content than 14k. Along with this, 18k gold has a softer and more vibrant natural gold color than 14k.  However, it is important to note that due to the higher gold content, 18k gold is also softer than 14k (though many think that the difference in softness is negligible).

The most popular of the three gold color variations is certainly white gold. White metals such as platinum, silver and white gold have been in vogue for at least a decade or so now. One of the bennefits of white metals is that they showcase the natural beauty of diamonds and colored gemstones without adding any color. So, for example, if you have a particularly nice diamond with an investment quality color grading (D,E or F), a white gold setting will best display the diamond’s dazzling colorless nature. Another benefit to white gold is that due to its color, it can easily be worn with other white metal jewelry such as platinum or silver jewelry.

Yellow gold jewelry is an expression of classic elegance, and though it tends to go through periods of relative popularity and disinterest, yellow gold has never truly gone out of style. Certain people are only comfortable wearing yellow gold, and feel that the color is a good complement to their complexion. This is often the case with people who have a richer skin tone. Redheads as well have a tendency to prefer yellow gold. It’s also good to consider wardrobe in this regard as certain clothes will be better accented by yellow gold.

Rose gold is certainly the most ethereal color in this group, and is particularly sensitive to trends. Rose gold is an excellent complement to pink gemstones such as pink sapphire and pink diamonds. Usage of this metal type as a setting for pink stones has the effect of enhancing the stone’s pink color. Rose gold is also a very distinctive metal color, which is often chosen by people who are looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

Each of these gold types has it’s own particular beauty, and I encourage you to consider them in your jewelry buying decisions.

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Sandy is another legacy jewelry and watch expert at Lussori. Sandy’s knowledge stems from 15 years of experience which started in a family owned jewelry store. She began her career as an appraiser and earned her Colored Stone, Diamonds & Diamond Grading Certificates from the GIA. She began her love affair with watches over 10 years ago and that fire still burns strong today.

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