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Hearts On Fire has developed a diamond cut which is based on a modern round brilliant diamond cut with 58 facets. The philosophy behind their diamond manufacturing is simple: cut is the most important aspect in determining the beauty of a diamond. Working off of this philosophy, Hearts On Fire has gone to unprecedented lengths to ensure that each and every diamond they sell is cut to extreme standards of perfection.

Each Hearts On Fire diamond is cut and analyzed at 100x magnification using digital imaging technology and micro-precision templates which allow their cutters to achieve a level of precise polish and symmetry which far exceeds the industry standard. Along with this, Hearts On Fire has developed unique “vibration free” cutting wheels (powered by Rolls Royce engines) which further aid in their ability to achieve facets which are precisely polished and aligned.

In order to produce “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond,” Hearts On Fire uses only “knot-free crystals.” Diamond material is similar to wood in that it has a natural grain, which can contain knots. It is estimated that less than 1% off all rough diamond crystals are “knot free.”

Hearts On Fire Diamonds

Hearts On Fire diamonds are all hand-crafted by skilled master diamond cutters using state-of-the-art tools and measuring devices. The end result of all this hard work and analysis is a diamond cut which displays a staggering amount of “fire” and “brilliance.” All 7 colors of the prism are displayed, and the effect turning the diamond in your hand is similar to a spinning disco ball!

If you are searching for “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond,” then look no further. These diamonds represent the pinnacle of diamond cutting, and each Hearts on Fire diamond, whether it is a 5 carat diamond or a .02 carat diamond is cut to the same exacting standard of perfection.

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