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I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again – an engagement ring is likely the single most important piece of jewelry that a woman will ever own. That being said, it’s clearly important to make this purchase something meaningful and unique. Most women want a ring that not only displays an impressive diamond, but which also conveys a little (or perhaps a lot) of their own style and sensibility.

The singular beauty of this special ring will be the result of a combination of various aspects of the center diamond (shape, cut, color, clarity), and the particular design of the mounting which houses the center stone. Diamond engagement rings have been a standard for a very long time, and engagement ring styles have been many and varied – from the classic elegance of the Tiffany 4-prong solitaire to intricate and striking Art Deco designs onto the minimalist chic of a titanium tension set design, and onward towards a seemingly endless variation of styles.

Modern jewelry designers strive to offer rings which have classic and timeless beauty mixed with the latest trends – this is actually much more difficult than it may initially sound. One brand which manages to tow this line with grace and style is Uneek. Their diamond engagement ring designs always work to complement and enhance the natural beauty of the center diamond. Delicate rows of pave diamonds edged with precise milgraining – gorgeous natural fancy colored diamond accents – hand-crafted filigree designs – all of these elements combine to create an engagement ring which is clearly more than just the sum of its various parts.

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