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Few luxury watches can appear appealing in such a diverse array of metals and dial configurations as Ulysse Nardin’s versatile Maxi Marine Diver. Steel, rose gold, or on a rubber strap or bracelet–it just doesn’t matter.  If you chose to close your eyes, and place your finger somewhere on the open Ulysse Nardin Marine catalog to resolve the dilemma of which version to choose, you’d end up with a high-end dive watch that defines high-end excellence and elegantly exotic design.

This year, titanium adds yet another dimension to the evergreen Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver watch. You sometimes hear the complaint from watch lovers that titanium – while lightweight, strong, and technically cool – is not particularly attractive. While this is certainly a subjective view, it doubtless has a lot to do with the fact that many titanium watches on the market feature a dull bead-blasted type of finish. You won’t see that on these new Maxi Marine Diver models – the titanium cases are polished to a brilliant luster, just like the 18K or stainless steel versions. With its invulnerability to corrosion, titanium is the ideal metal for a watch meant for use in and around salt water. Here, it also manages to radiate beauty and luxury, just like the intricate wave-patterned dials, straps, and unidirectional bezels.

Ulysse Nardin is presenting these new Maxi Marine Diver models in all-titanium and titanium and rose gold models. With how versatile the Maxi Marine Diver watch really is, choosing favorites can be pleasantly tough: I do find myself particularly drawn to the models with the silver dials, which are a very attractive diversion from the archetypal black-dialed dive watch. I also really like the accents of orange on the bezel and dials of the all-titanium models.

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