Ulysse Nardin Blue Seal Chronograph Joins Other Blue Limited Edition Ulysse Nardin Timepieces

Whenever you see the color of brilliant blue within the Ulysse Nardin Marine Collection, you can be pretty certain that you are looking at a new limited edition timepiece. Back in 2003, watch collectors were treated to the Blue Max, a special version of the Maxi Marine Diver with a blue dial and a mysterious movement whose plates were shimmering blue, thanks to layer of titanium applied with an ionization process. Next, encouraged by the great success of “Max”, Ulysse Nardin gave us the Blue Wave watch; based upon the Marine Chronometer, this watch repeated the unique blue theme on both movement and dial, but added a striking wave pattern to the dial. Then, last year came the Ulysse Nardin Blue Surf watch; this timepiece utilized the striking wave theme of the Blue Wave timepiece, but used the sensationally popular Maxi Marine Diver watch as its foundation. All of these editions sold out almost as quickly as they were announced.

So, the pattern is certainly clear! This year, Ulysse Nardin has turned to the Maxi Marine Chronograph as the base for its latest limited edition stunner. The Blue Seal Chronograph shows off a mesmerizing dial in, you guessed it – blue – whose central section bears the distinctive wave pattern, a design which is repeated on the matching blue rubber straps. The sapphire back treats you to view of the mysterious titanium-treated UN-35 automatic movement.

While Ulysse Nardin has changed up the model with each of these unique blue tributes, one thing that has not changed is the small number of watches that are available for sale. Just 1,846 pieces in stainless steel and another 999 in 18K rose gold will be made, so be sure to reserve one (or both) before they are gone!

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