Top 5 Best GPS Watches

Top 5 Best GPS Watches

Get to know everything before you plan to buy the Best GPS watch. These time pieces help you in getting to know everything from distance, calories burnt, pace and many more. Some of them also help in noting down the heart rate and monitor as well. The modern watches that are available in the market have many features such as heart rate monitoring, time, distance, maps, music players, alerts, virtual pacing, and many more. The more complex and features included in the watches, the more is the cost of it. A new wallet friendly watch has come into the market which can record time and distance.

Best GPS Watch Vendors

The vendor for the GPS module is a reputed concern in Hong Kong who has gained a lot many watch companies as clients. These GPS watches who have the same vendor look alike and have the same feature set. The similarities in these watches are found to be more than the differences.

These GPS watches have a mode button, which needs to be hit every time you need to enter the run mode. When you hit the run mode, the watch tries to locate the satellite. The GPS receiving end is disabled in order to conserve battery when used indoors. You can continuously use the battery for more than eight hours and the battery will last for months. However, the battery usage purely depends on how many features are being used. If you want to calculate your pace and calories burnt you can start and hit the run button and the watch establishes connection with the satellite and it starts to track your time and distance. When you are done with the run, you can take your time and take a review of the time and distance, pace, speed, and also calories burnt. These details stay in the watch.  The watch has a USB connector that is available at the end of the watch. This connector is used for charging the watch; it cannot be used to upload the content to any other device.

What are the Best GPS Watch designs?

The best gps running watch is slim and trendy. It can also be used as a daily wear watch. As it comes in various designs you have the choice to choose the best watches to suit your taste, daily wear and style. The watch also has settings that can be configured in such a manner that gender, height, age and weight. The calories burnt during a workout are also calculated by the watch. The GPS watches are found to be easy to read even while running. The size and weight of the numbers displayed is bold and can be read easily.

The GPS watches also have a back light that is in the lit state when the light button is pushed. It automatically goes to the off state after ten seconds. This time period can be adjusted depending on your convenience.

There are more features available in the advanced versions of the GPS watches. Each brand comes with slightly different functionality. If you are looking for more features then remember that advanced technologies come with more cost.

Which are the best GPS Watches on the market?

Soleus GPS Running Watch

Soleus GPS Running WatchI have been researching the Soleus GPS Running Watch for the past few weeks. The watch is amazing and is part of the best GPS watches available. It has the capability to alert and has features which include changing heart rate zones. The GPS system is great. It locks very fast and can be considered as quickest. The speed is also not bad. The watch works flawlessly and is very accurate. The software that works with the Soleus GPS Running Watch is also great, intuitive and also very interactive. A first time user like me can also work on it for hours and can understand it very minutely.

Customization features and menus combinations are simple to understand. The online manual and the booklet that comes with the watch is awesome. Following the steps in the manual will do everything for you.  The online user reviews are also worth giving a look, when you have questions pertaining to accessing the buttons.

Overall, the Soleus GPS Running Watch is great with respect to accuracy. The watch takes less than a minute to access the GPS signal and the HRM band is really comfortable. The watch comes with a normal weight and in different colors.  I would suggest this watch to everyone and it is a pride to own this trendy watch.

Timex Marathon GPS Watch

Timex Marathon GPS WatchThe Timex Marathon GPS Watch has amazing features that lets you track your workouts and the best GPS watch for runners. The watch comes with a lot many advanced features. The price that my friend had bought this watch for was surprisingly very affordable. At least I had expected a higher price rather. The device can be used a GPS training device and is the best GPS watch. The watch is a great device for athletes as it helps to monitor their speed, distance and energy levels. The use of latest advanced GPS technologies which are powered by SiRFstarIV is a plus.

The Timex Marathon GPS Watch manages splits that too without a touch of any button. It uses five alarms for work outs as reminders. The watch comes with an eight hour battery life which works continuously in the GPS mode. A rechargeable battery made of lithium along with a cable is also delivered along with the watch when you shop for it. The watch comes with a one year warranty which is an added advantage.

This Timex Marathon best GPS Watch is the perfect watch for anyone that is interested in working out. It has a great set of features which is a boon for the individual who owns the watch. Purchase one and experience the features that come with the watch and you will not feel like thinking of another watch in your lifetime.

Soleus Digital Multi-Function GPS Watch

Soleus Digital Multi-Function GPS WatchThe Soleus Digital Multi-Function GPS Watch has a high sensitivity GPS receiver. The chronograph is 1/100 second resolution. The average speed is around hundred lap data memory storage. The device has amazing features and can even record total calories burnt. It comes with a USB rechargeable battery which is of lithium make.  The pace of working out in any situation can also be tracking making it the best GPS running watch that you can get for these situations.

I was surprised to find that the battery is able to provide more than eight hours of satellite connectivity. The most interesting thing is that the device is able to work for more than three to four weeks without satellite communication. The Soleus Digital Multi-Function GPS Watch is water resistant which enables you to be free of worry when you are held up in rain or snow. It also offers features like light arrangement under low lit areas. It also has a wonderful strap which has a good grip when worn on your wrist. The watch has a marvelous design and the look of it attracts each and every one of us. I would love to continue using this watch and would also like to suggest this watch to every one of you.

Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0 GPS Watch

Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0 GPS WatchOccasionally I like to run and I have been looking forward to use the best GPS watches such as this Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0 GPS Watch. I did not do much of my homework before I tried this watch and surprisingly I found that this watch is a good choice. Except for the cost of the watch when compared to other GPS watches, I did not do an intricate analysis. The watch measures the speed, distance, pace and many more such features. It has a fast, reliable signal which is worth mentioning.  The display is easy to read and comes with interval timers and alerts. Even more, the watch comes with a warranty period of one year.

The watch also does a job of measuring the heart rate, speed, average speed and calories burnt.  My basic level of understanding shows that most of the other branded GPS watches do not offer so many features. Some of the other brands are not water resistant unlike Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0 GPS Watch which is highly resistant to water. The watch comes with an USB connector which can be connected to the PC.

On a higher note, if you have plans to buy a GPS watch then Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0 GPS Watch is a good option and is the best GPS watch.

Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch

Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS WatchThe Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch is a latest in a long line of watches from Timex which has been exclusively designed for athletes. With a high resolution the display is marvelous. The watch is best suited to help you move to the next level. The watch is amazingly built to be resistant to water and vibrations. I was astonished to see not even a slight touch of water drops in the display when I had dropped it into a bucket of water. It comes with a interval timer which makes it even more attractive. The reversible screen and modern design makes it more comfortable. The watch comes in a smaller size compared to other brands. It is compact and offers almost every feature just like the best GPS watch for runners.  Once connected to the satellite, GPS is very effective and the signal strength is too good to mention.

If you consider the accuracy level of other watches over this make you would be glad to have chosen this. The features which come with the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch is worth the cost. You can purchase this watch with absolutely zero shipping charges in any of the online shopping sites. However, I found the watch to be cheaper with one of the dealers.

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