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The TAG Heuer Monaco collection contains some of the most iconic sports chronographs ever made. Like the Daytona Cosmograph watch from Rolex, or the original Zenith El Primero chronograph, how can you possibly fail to instantly recognize the Monaco Chronograph timepiece, with its distinctive TV-style square case? This watch was a real landmark watch design of the 1960’s, and created a cult following among fans that still exists to this day.

History is something that brings real flavor to a watch design, and the TAG Heuer Monaco timepiece brings a lot to the table in that regard. Introduced in 1969, its case design was notable, being the first water resistant square case on the market. Straightforward, masculine and confident, the design also showcased a new micro-rotor automatic movement (the Caliber 11) which was a collaboration between Heuer, Breitling, and Buren, each of whom had involvement in the creation of this inventive movement. While this movement is no longer employed in the current Monaco watch, the historic Caliber 11 demonstrated that lever and cam chronographs were a viable alternative to column-wheel designs, even if they were slightly less elaborate to manufacture and assemble. It also paved the way for a generation of now-legendary ETA calibers which would would make their mark in the 1970’s.

Add to all of that the celebrity cachet Steve McQueen brought this watch after choosing to wear it in the 1971 film “Le Mans”, and you definitely have a fascinating mechanical object that far transcends being a mere timekeeping instrument. So, wear your TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph watch with pride – you are sporting a true classic!

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