The New Daniel JeanRichard 2 TimeZones Watch: A Great Companion for Travelers

Lovers of GMT/UTC and dual-time watches, take note. Daniel JeanRichard has introduced a very nice new model at SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie) this year, that has all the makings of an outstanding timepiece for travelers. The 2TimeZones watch, as it is called, demonstrates the commitment of Daniel JeanRichard to expanding their awareness amongst buyers of luxury timepieces, and broadening their scope as a watch Manufacturer which intends to be taken seriously.

Daniel JeanRichard has come a long way in the last several years, having joined the ranks of true Manufacturers by introducing a new in-house movement. They have also shown their prowess in the realm of haute horlogerie by showing us some exquisite complications, including both a tourbillon and a very beautiful minute-repeater watch. The new Daniel JeanRichard 2TimeZones watch will be introduced in stainless steel, and will use the case style of the Chronoscope watch collection. This new timepiece has a very appealing black dial with a large luminous Arabic “12″ at the top and eleven luminous stick markers fenced in with metal surrounds; in all, it looks like a very fine balance between sportiness and a classic look that should stand the test of time; the well-defined hour and minute hands have plenty of Superluminova, meaning that this watch should be outstanding in conditions of less than optimal light. I’m particularly fond of the way the red accents by the minute hashmarks coordinate with the red numbers of the date wheel and the text for the model inscription.

Naturally, the Daniel JeanRichard 2TimeZones watch will feature the use of the Manufacture JR1000 caliber. In this case, Daniel JeanRichard has elaborated this movement to give it several very useful aspects. One will note the two opposing crowns on each side of the watch: the usual one, at 3 o’clock is responsible for the winding of the watch, and setting the time and date; this crown also enables the setting of the window indicator at the top of the dial, that shows the hour of a second time zone. What then is the second crown for? Well, instead of controlling an inner-bezel as it does with Daniel JeanRichard’s DiverScope watch (which shares a similar case design), this crown moves the disc which shows cities of the world. This allows you to coordinate the hour displayed in the second time zone indicator with a location of your choosing(wherever home is/was, for example). Since an hour hand that is readily movable to show changes in local time is vital on a serious travel watch, Daniel JeanRichard has very intelligently produced an easy mechanism that allows this. On the left side of the case are two buttons integrated into the case, which are responsible for moving the hour hand either forwards or backwards, in one hour jumps. Externally reminiscent of the system Ulysse Nardin employs in their excellent GMT /- Dual Time watches, this rapid-adjustment feature allows the minute and second hand to continue normally. For most, this type of independent adjustment is easier and offers more convenience than one which requires fiddling with a crown.

All in all this new Daniel JeanRichard timepiece looks like a real winner – it has style, an exclusive movement, and it offers a genuinely useful mix of complications. This is one of the most attractive dual-time watches I’ve seen in a long time, and overall, it’s my favorite Daniel JeanRichard watch to date.

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