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The chronograph function is almost universally considered a “guy’s thing” – its part of that technical circle that includes precise machinery, cars, speed, time measurement, and other things that are considered just about fundamental in the male psyche.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way though. I find it hard to believe that many women could resist the beautiful design and lavish expression of the Milus Apiana Chronograph. With its striking rectangular case, pastel colors, and dials which are stylish and expressive, this Milus watch has all the right touches to win the affections of ladies. The Apiana Chronograph watch is particularly stunning in its diamond-set variations, which are not just timepieces, but wonderful jewelry as well.

This Milus Apiana watch is definitive proof that a chronograph can in fact be very feminine. It is also a great demonstration of why Milus has been grabbing so many headlines in the watch press these days – they understand how to produce radiant luxury objects that resonate with expression and vitality.

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