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Bell & Ross knows how to shake things up. Just last week, I commented a bit about how the brand has used ceramic to put some new flavor into their extremely cool BR Instrument watch collection. Bold colors are another way that Bell & Ross keeps collectors coming back for more.

Four new Bell & Ross watches bring out the bold attitude of the BR Instrument timepieces to the maximum. The BR 01-92 Yellow and BR 01-92 Red watches stand out brilliantly with bright yellow and red Superluminova material against a black dial background and an equally stealthy blackened stainless steel case–these watches both measure 46mm in diameter, and are tailor made for lovers of wrist-filling timepieces. The BR 03-92 Blue watch features the same carbon-coated black stainless steel case as the previous two, but features the cool aura of blue luminous material on its dial and hands, and comes in a smaller 42mm case size.

Bell & Ross BR 03-92 “Phantom”

The final variation, also in the 42mm size, is the aptly named BR 03-92 “Phantom” watch. So named for its absolute lack of any color, the Bell & Ross Phantom is one of those instant conversation starters – a totally black watch, with black luminous markers and hands which can scarcely be seen by day, but light up an eerie green at night.

These neat Bell & Ross watches have been described by some as the ultimate nightclub watches, and I’d be pretty hard pressed to disagree with that; they are extremely fun, and will definitely stand out in a crowd!

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