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Luxury watch buyers can be a pretty obsessive group. For many, getting that brand new watch and keeping it perfect is a near obsession. Watch forums abound with posts about the dreaded “first scratch”, followed by the sympathetic threads where the writer is assured to not worry, and that anything we wear will show wear eventually. Some just get things over with, put their watches on and go about life, while others can’t accept this and keep their watches covered in the protective stickers; some can’t bear to wear their watches at all, preferring to keep them in safety deposit boxes or safes. One legendary extremist who wanted to wear his watch but was determined to keep it perfect forever, came up with the rather original idea of coating his watch with a thin layer of Elmer’s Glue to insulate it from any damage!

I have always found this worrying a bit humorous. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I think a mangled watch looks particularly appealing; however, I do feel a watch that has acquired gradual patina from a long period of wear can look great, its “humanity” giving it a certain charm lacking in a brand new (but essentially soulless) watch. Sports watches and dive watches particularly, look especially handsome with some character marks on them.

One watch brand that seems to share my view, is Anonimo. The Anonimo Polluce Bronze watch case is manufactured from bronze, which of course, tarnishes as it is exposed to the environment, as well as the acidity of its owners skin. I’ve seen customers with these cool Anonimo watches, and the progression is neat–the watch goes from its new state where it looks rather rose-gold like, to several months later, taking on a much deeper shade and looking genuinely weathered. The aging aspect is part of the charm here, and marks of wear and use just make this already eye-catching Anonimo watch design that much more unusual.

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