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Watch Designs: No Rhyme, No Reason

As a self confessed watch lover and collector, I like most others, each year I await the next new and cool design from my favorite brands. Recently I’ve paused at the introduction of a couple new models/trends and asked myself why? Like most other consumer categories, one would assume that …

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Complicated watches from…… China?

One of the more interesting phenomena taking place in the watch world today, I think, is the gradually increasing presence of Chinese-made movements and watches which offer the traditional and very expensive Swiss complications at extremely low prices. No, I’m not referring to the old quartz knockoffs which had famous …

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Tourbillon controversy: Is the famous complication less a solution to a problem, than it is an expression of horological skill?

The other day, I came across an interesting and thought provoking analytical article, written by a certain Mr. Jean-Claude Nicolet, a watchmaker and professor in La Chaux de Fonds. http://www.europastar.com/watch-knowledge/1004082417-the-tourbillon.html In the article, the author presents his case that the tourbillon regulator is, for all purposes, a needlessly complex horological …

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Jet Setters Spend Big Money on Watches

I just read an article about a couple of researchers who looked at the people who own private jets and how they spend their cash. Apparently the average jet owner has an average income of 9 million a year and is worth around 90 million dollars. They also love their …

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