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Expect The Unexpected With Today’s High Luxury Timepieces

If you take a moment to think about high prestige watchmaking, these are probably the things that come to mind: gold or platinum cases (or finely finished stainless steel), a shiny, luxurious bracelet, or glittering rhodium-plated or German silver movements, decorated with traditional finishing. And, in many instances, this is …

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Thoughts on Why Watches Appeal to Us

To some, a watch  is merely a means to an end, an object which provides them the time of day at a glance. To others, the watch is a symbol of their position in life, a subtle indication that they have “arrived” at a certain point of achievement, and in …

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Details: What fine watchmaking is all about

A beautiful watch is all about details. I am reminded of this each and every time I pull a new watch from it’s box, or unbuckle one of my own cherished timepieces. As silly as it sounds, I catch myself frequently staring at the smooth, distinct beat of a second …

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