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Bill Clinton: Watch Collector

When Bill Clinton was in office, he wore a Timex Ironman watch wherever he went. These days, he is a private sector speaker who easily earns $50,000 per speaking engagement. While he is no longer the president of the United States, he seems to be more politically energized then ever, and with the looks of

The Virtues of Simplicity In Watches

I love simple watches. The more I go down the road, so to speak, and see, admire, and try on different watches, I find that I am invariably most attracted to ones that are the most clean, classic, or at least appear so, externally. Mechanical complications are a wonderful thing, to be sure, and ones

How Much Does Your Wristwatch Weigh?

Have you ever taken your watch off and weighed it? With the ever increasing size of watches these days they are getting to be pretty heavy. My Breitling Chrono Cockpit on a leather strap with a deployment buckle is just shy of a quarter pound So, I thought I would do a check around the

A Tribute to Speed: Great chronographs by Porsche Design, Roger Dubuis, and Omega

With August here at last, motors begin to roar here on the Monterey Peninsula as we near the week of Concours, a veritable mecca for those obsessed with fine automobilia. During this time it seems only right to pay tribute to the chronograph; with bold subdials, extra buttons and their instrumental aesthetic, this complication above

Celebrity Female Watch Collectors

I used to think that luxury watch purchasing was a more man centric thing, but I soon realized that women are now starting to get into the watch craze as well. Look no further then a red carpet event in LA or to the streets of New York. Women are catching the watch bug just

Roger Dubuis: Yes, haute horlogerie and haute couture can coexist!

Some people are of the opinion that Roger Dubuis produces watches that are more about fashion than fine watchmaking. I respectfully beg to differ. Regardless of whether you find their bold, expressive style fabulously beautiful, or overwhelmingly flamboyant, one simply must admire the horological achievements of the brand born in 1995 through the joint efforts

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