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The GMT watch: A popular and practical complication for the real world

Of all the watches which have complications (anything beyond the function of telling the time) my favorites are those which display one or more timezones. Unlike certain complications, such as the tourbillon or the minute repeater whose primary appeal is their beauty and/or complexity, the GMT/UTC/dual time watch has truly useful everyday appeal. Do you

The Omega DeVille HourVision watch: Rebirth of a Horological Powerhouse

Somewhat lost behind the star-studded advertising campaigns of Omega over the past decade or so, is the slumbering essence of this brand – that of a dedicated watch Manufacture who ranks among the uppermost echelon in terms of innovation, quality, and prestige. Its good to be able to say with confidence that the real substance

A New Strap or a New Watch? They Can Feel the Same!

It seems that everything associated with fine Swiss timepieces is expensive these days. Yes as connissieur I do realize the level of expertise and the excruiating attention to deal with which most of these watches are manufactured. But replacing a leather strap on your fine timepiece, while expensive, often $300 – $700 per strap, can

Omega: A watch company with vision

Most anyone would agree that Omega is one of the world’s most well known – and respected – watch brands. With their colorful and varied ad campaigns over the years, Omega has stayed firmly within the consciousness of the public, both general (who want a watch to tell time, and convey a certain prestige), and

The Virtues of Simplicity In Watches

I love simple watches. The more I go down the road, so to speak, and see, admire, and try on different watches, I find that I am invariably most attracted to ones that are the most clean, classic, or at least appear so, externally. Mechanical complications are a wonderful thing, to be sure, and ones

How Much Does Your Wristwatch Weigh?

Have you ever taken your watch off and weighed it? With the ever increasing size of watches these days they are getting to be pretty heavy. My Breitling Chrono Cockpit on a leather strap with a deployment buckle is just shy of a quarter pound So, I thought I would do a check around the

A Tribute to Speed: Great chronographs by Porsche Design, Roger Dubuis, and Omega

With August here at last, motors begin to roar here on the Monterey Peninsula as we near the week of Concours, a veritable mecca for those obsessed with fine automobilia. During this time it seems only right to pay tribute to the chronograph; with bold subdials, extra buttons and their instrumental aesthetic, this complication above

The Wonder of Manual Wind Watches

To many laypersons who have begun their fascination with luxury watchmaking, the terms “mechanical watch” and “automatic” are interchangeable. They eagerly look for a “sweeping” second hand to tell them that the watch is an automatic, and therefore fine or valuable. That sure described me. Remember the 80’s, when the “reliable” way to verify the authenticity

Traditions In Watch Gifting

It is wonderful to see that in this age of technology and advancement that some traditions stand the test of time. With graduation season in full swing we have had many proud parents and significant others purchasing timepieces to celebrate the accomplishments of their loved ones from college and high school. The types of watches

Royal Watch Fetishes

I was looking through some sites and found that some royalty seem to have been bitten by the watch collecting  bug, as a lot of us have. When it comes to royalty wearing watches, out the gate, we have to tip our hats to the folks at Breguet . Their watches have been worn by

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