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A New Strap or a New Watch? They Can Feel the Same!

It seems that everything associated with fine Swiss timepieces is expensive these days. Yes as connissieur I do realize the level of expertise and the excruiating attention to deal with which most of these watches are manufactured. But replacing a leather strap on your fine timepiece, while expensive, often $300 – $700 per strap, can

Arnold Schwarzeneger: Governator…….. Watch Collector

This July, Arnold Schwarzenegger is officially beginning his “golden years”. Thats right, the Last Action Governor, is officially turning 70 years old. Wow! thats a lot of candles. I actually believe 70 candles on a cake is officially a fire hazard in California and could be illegal in most other states during most summer months.

The IWC DaVinci watch collection: The Only Thing Constant is Change

At SIHH 2007, IWC has shown an entire new family range for the Da Vinci watch collection, which transform these iconic timepieces into something quite different than what we’ve become familiar with. The distinctive Da Vinci form with its rounded case contours, articulated bracelet attachment, and the cabochon-shaped chronograph pushpieces has given way to a

Manufacture Made Movements: Are They Always Better?

So often you hear supposed watch collectors ask, “does that brand make their own movements?” The general idea being that any company that makes a entire movement (or 90% plus) in-house is defined as a true manufacturer and therefore a more collectable brand. I used to think this way but I’m starting to modify my

How Much Does Your Wristwatch Weigh?

Have you ever taken your watch off and weighed it? With the ever increasing size of watches these days they are getting to be pretty heavy. My Breitling Chrono Cockpit on a leather strap with a deployment buckle is just shy of a quarter pound So, I thought I would do a check around the

The “Daily Beater”: A term of Horological Endearment

Luxury watches are a pretty crazy obsession. For those of us who love, drool over, and get worked up about all things horological, the thought of wearing a watch which doesn’t have provenance, pedigree, panache, or any other associated superlatives (and those are all purely subjective)—is about as appealing as eating wheat bran washed down

Musicians and the Watches They Love

One of the great things about artists who are able strike it rich with their craft is that they become huge patrons of other artist’s work. I think artists may just be wired that way. They appreciate quality and craftsmanship more then the average Joe does. When it comes to buying things one would consider

Second Coming of the IWC Aquatimer

To be a self proclaimed “pop-culture junkie” you wouldn’t miss going to see a movie based on an outrageously popular TV show from the 80’s, right? Last night I went to see Crockett and Tubbs in action. That’s right, Miami Vice (play the theme song in your head as needed). After seeing Jamie Foxx in

Celebrity Watches – HBO Entourage

Anyone who knows me knows that I am addicted to the HBO show “Entourage”. On the show Kevin Dillon plays “Johnny Drama”, brother “Vincent Chase” who is played by Adrian Grenier. So what is Kevin Dillon wearing on his wrist? At the 2006 ESPY style lounge Kevin was photographed wearing an IWC Spitfire watch. He

IWC Aquatimer and “Lucky Number Slevin”

Does product placement work on me? Apparently so… I was at a movie theater a month or so ago and saw a movie called ”Lucky Number Slevin” which is your typical shoot em up, good guy/bad guy, twisted plot flick. It’s actually not a bad movie. It stars Josh Hartnett and Bruce Willis . I

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