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Gurhan Offers Attractive Alterantives to Modern Bridal

The world of bridal jewelry is a contradictory universe which is vast and yet at times can seem relentlessly homogeneous. There are countless jewelry designers offering their own bridal line, and all too often, it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart. Meanwhile, many women are looking for something truly unique …

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Gurhan Coral in Harper’s Bazaar

Precious red coral has been incorporated in jewelry designs for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egyptian crafts. This striking substance displays a range of vibrant red and pink hues. Among the most coveted varieties of coral is “Angelskin,” a pale milky pink variation which is particularly entrancing. Like …

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Sandra Bullock Dons Gurhan for 2009 MTV Movie Awards

The MTV movie awards is an altogether different awards ceremony from the Academy Awards or the Emmys. As the 2009 ceremony was dominated by vampire teen romance “Twilight” and Bruno’s well-waxed bum, it’s clear that the show’s content is dictated by MTV’s teen and tween demographic. This lends the show …

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Gurhan Shows His True Colors

Nothing is more captivating than the gleaming radiance of pure 24k gold, and no jewelry designer showcases this unique beauty better than Gurhan Orhan. Gurhan  is known throughout the world as the king of 24k gold jewelry, and his designs show a passion and reverence for gold that is extraordinary. …

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Gurhan Gold Jewelry

There are certain constants in the jewelry world which are iconic and never go out of style. The first that comes to my mind is gold, which has been prized for millennia, and for very good reason.  Pure gold has a luster and vibrancy that is unparalleled. It’s one of …

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