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Glashutte Original: Watch Buying Deja Vu

It’s strange how often watch obsessed people repeat their buying preferences over and over again. There are the guys who proudly show off their collection of say, dive watches, often by the same brand, and announce that they are going to add another watch to the collection – turns out it’s going to be another

Best Of Class: My Favorite Fine Timepieces

You will find here a selection of timepieces that will blow your eyes, your mind, and possibly – your wallet – if “watch fever” eliminates the constraints of fiscal responsibility. While a month has gone by since this year’s festivities have come and gone, the memories of my favorite timepieces continue to happily linger. The Audemars

Simplicity and Purity is Back

Full Disclosure. I have always loved complicated watches. The notion of a watchmaker spending countless hours on the bench assembling a perpetual calendar, tourbillon or grand complication, for me, has always represented the epitome of fine watchmaking or as the Swiss say, haute horologerie. The latest trend in watchmaking is a reversion back to simplicity

The Glashutte Original Senator Sixties Watch – A Study in Retro Elegance

Glashutte Original has just introduced a new watch at this year’s 2007 Baselworld, which I am really looking forward to seeing. This timepiece is called the Senator Sixties watch, and apparently it will be part of a larger collection of watches that share the same classic, retro styling. The “Senator Sixties” moniker, as humorous as

What a Woman Wants…In a Watch

It is very interesting to consider what women are looking for in a timepiece today. I know what I like. For me it isn’t just one brand or complication or style or shape that interests me…. it is almost as if the watch itself comes to life. Take my Corum Classical GMT as an example.

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