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You Are What You Wear….. Really?

People fall into 2 very distinct categories when trying to answer this question: people who don’t care and think about clothes and regard fashion and watches merely as functional utility items and those who are trying to say something about themselves by the things they wear. Its not to say that the folks in category

Simplicity and Purity is Back

Full Disclosure. I have always loved complicated watches. The notion of a watchmaker spending countless hours on the bench assembling a perpetual calendar, tourbillon or grand complication, for me, has always represented the epitome of fine watchmaking or as the Swiss say, haute horologerie. The latest trend in watchmaking is a reversion back to simplicity

A New Strap or a New Watch? They Can Feel the Same!

It seems that everything associated with fine Swiss timepieces is expensive these days. Yes as connissieur I do realize the level of expertise and the excruiating attention to deal with which most of these watches are manufactured. But replacing a leather strap on your fine timepiece, while expensive, often $300 – $700 per strap, can

The Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 Jackpot Tourbillon watch: An unexpected masterpiece

Well, Basel and SIHH have come and gone for 2007, leaving in their wake the introduction of all kinds of watches from the breadth of brands, from top tier to bottom and everything in between. The trend for large timepieces continues to go on unfazed, and with a few exceptions, one could say that subtlety

The Virtues of Simplicity In Watches

I love simple watches. The more I go down the road, so to speak, and see, admire, and try on different watches, I find that I am invariably most attracted to ones that are the most clean, classic, or at least appear so, externally. Mechanical complications are a wonderful thing, to be sure, and ones

The Dedicated Dress Watch

As seems to be the case every year, the December holidays are upon us. And, while deep down, we all KNOW that our family, friends, and good health are what really matter, it simply wouldn’t be human of us not to have a wish list of at least a couple of shamelessly decadent material things

Manufacture Made Movements: Are They Always Better?

So often you hear supposed watch collectors ask, “does that brand make their own movements?” The general idea being that any company that makes a entire movement (or 90% plus) in-house is defined as a true manufacturer and therefore a more collectable brand. I used to think this way but I’m starting to modify my

The “Daily Beater”: A term of Horological Endearment

Luxury watches are a pretty crazy obsession. For those of us who love, drool over, and get worked up about all things horological, the thought of wearing a watch which doesn’t have provenance, pedigree, panache, or any other associated superlatives (and those are all purely subjective)—is about as appealing as eating wheat bran washed down

What a Woman Wants…In a Watch

It is very interesting to consider what women are looking for in a timepiece today. I know what I like. For me it isn’t just one brand or complication or style or shape that interests me…. it is almost as if the watch itself comes to life. Take my Corum Classical GMT as an example.

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