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Frank Lampard Goes Offshore

Lets say your dad was a professional soccer player who was a two-time FA Cup winner. Then, lets say your uncle was the coach of Portsmouth, another major soccer franchise. Lets even take it a step further and say you had a first cousin was also a professional soccer player …

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Collecting Watches: How Many Do You Need?

The number of watches it takes to comprise a collection is a topic which sways mightily in the wind of opinion. Ultimately though, none of that matters – the simple truth is: the right amount is that which satisfies you. Whether 1, 100, or 1,000 only you know when you …

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Margaret Thatcher Relies on Audemars Piguet

Take a moment to admire the confidence, the stare, the red hair and stiff upper lip. There really is no better nickname for Margaret Thatcher then “The Iron Lady”. She has a stare that would make Mr. T a little nervous. She was the leader of the conservative party and …

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