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Tag Heuer’s Formula 1 watch collection is a car lovers dream come true. The Formula 1 was first introduced by Tag in 1986. Several of the world’s most famous race car drivers have signed on with Tag to sponsor this watch. Kimi Raikkonan who drives for Team McLaren Mercedes Formula One is of the most famous. The first thing you notice about the Formula 1 Watches is their bright colors. Tag has pushed the edge of sport watch design with their choice of bold dial colors.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch Orange

Tag Heuer took this color design to the next level by matching the dial color with accents on the outside of the case. If you choose the red dial version your watch will have red accents on the outside edge of the case. The black and the white dial versions have black accents, and the blue dial has blue accents. If you are feeling daring try the orange dial version, with the orange rubber strap. These are bright colors so if you are shy about your watches be warned. The Formula 1 Watches are available in either a chrono or automatic version. The automatic version has a cleaner dial with a small date window set between four and five o’clock. The Tag Logo appears below 12 o’clock, with the Formula 1 name above six o’clock.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 McLaren

The chrono version is much sportier looking. The minute and hour sub dials are set with either black on white or silver on black. The seconds sub dial is where the Formula 1 watch stands out. Tag designed the second counter for the chrono with three colors that each cover 20 seconds. The colors fade from light gray to gray to red. This color selection gives the Formula 1 Watch a real race car dashboard feel. Tag Heuer designed all the Formula 1 watches with titanium coated steel bezels and quartz movements.

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