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The Tag Heuer Alter Ego watch collection stands alone in the world of women’s timepieces. With a design that seamlessly integrates the case and the bracelet the Alter Ego has a look that will not be confused with any other Swiss timepiece. One of the first things one notices about the Alter Ego is the bold colors on the simple dial. This clean design gives this watch a modern yet elegant feel. The dial on the Alter Ego has six hour markers, and the Tag Heuer logo and nothing else. The designers combine this ultra clean dial with bright colors for a stunning effect.

Dial colors are one of the best ways to differentiate one watch from another, and Tag has taken this to the next level. The Alter Ego is a small Ladies watch measuring only 25 mm. But because of the bold dial colors this timepiece grabs your attention. Tag offers a series of bright and elegant mother of pearl dial colors including purple, light blue, white, and dark blue. If you want a dressier look the Alter Ego is also offered with a diamond bezel and diamond dial markers.

Bracelets can help (or hurt) the aesthetic look of a watch. The steel bracelet that Tag has designed for the Alter Ego has a totally unique design with a ridge running down the middle and links that are ultra flexible to create a seamless fit on the wrist. The bracelet flows directly into the case giving the Alter Ego the look and feel of jewelry bracelet.  Tag has smartly placed the crown at four o’clock to keep the clean modern lines of the watch. The Alter Ego is powered by Tag’s ultra flat quartz movement guaranteeing the accuracy of this timepiece.

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