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Scott Kay has built a name for himself as one of the premiere bridal jewelry designers. However, not content to sit on his laurels, Scott Kay has entered the fashion jewelry world with a variety of unique designs. His latest collection is a foray into the world of men’s jewelry – a tricky market, but one that he seems to understand better than most.

What makes the Scott Kay men’s jewelry collection unique is the intricacy of design and the extremely high quality of craftsmanship. There are a handful of jewelry designers who have turned their talents toward men’s jewelry, but in most cases, the designs are fairly homogenous – often targeting the Harley-Davidson crowd. Scott Kay has definitely upped the ante by introducing styles which are masculine, detailed and ornate.

I gather that Scott Kay took a nod from the world of fine timepieces by recognizing that men have a fascination with quality and intricacy. Much of what men find so captivating about a fine mechanical timepiece is the design and craftsmanship of the movement. Similarly, one glance at Scott Kay’s men’s jewelry collection will fascinate with the precise and elegant style.

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