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When it comes to diamond anniversary rings, Sasha Primak is clearly at the front of the field in US diamond jewelry manufacturing. With designs that are classic and elegant, this company exemplifies the notion that diamond jewelry can be both simple and stunning.

There are many factors which make Sasha Primak the go-to brand for anniversary jewelry. To begin with, their diamonds are all conflict-free fine Russian cut gemstones which display a staggering amount of brilliance and scintillation. Furthermore, each ring features a hand selected line-up of diamonds which are chosen to perfectly match in aspects ranging from color and clarity to the size of the table, and the angle of the crown facets.

And perfectly matched diamonds are just the beginning. Sasha Primak only sets their diamonds in special platinum and gold alloys which they make in house, and which are exclusive to their brand. Sasha Primak is the only major US jewelry manufacturer who has their metal alloys tested by one of England’s most prestigious mints to verify the purity and consistency of the material.

Finally, each of these stunning diamond anniversary rings is hand rendered by skilled artisans who draw from the rich history of Russian diamond jewelry craftsmanship. The result of all of these elements is diamond jewelry which dazzles and enchants all who behold its majesty.

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