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Everyone knows that Samuel L Jackson is pretty much a national treasure.

If you ever watch the movie “Pulp Fiction” you pretty much pray that you never run into a guy quite like Jules Winnfield (played by Samuel L Jackson). In this role Jackson plays a cold blooded assassin with a mean jerry curl who loves yelling homemade bible scripture at his soon to be victims – moments before he kills them (nothing like getting lectured before you get shot in the head). While Pulp Fiction may have started Jackson’s career – it didn’t define it.

This versatile actor is not just famous for scaring Gen Xers – but he is also famous for making their kids smile as well. With the latter generation, Jackson is known as the voice of “Frozone” in the Pixar favorite “The Incredibles”. He is also known for his role as the follically challenged Jedi Master Mace Windu, in the second trilogy of Star Wars films. In his career Jackson has acted in over 100 movies and has done it all.

So what does this cross generation actor chose when it comes to a fine Swiss timepiece? A Franck Muller Long Island watch with a few diamonds “struck down unto it”.

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