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I admit it, when I got my first professional taste of success – I too ran out and bought a BMW and a Rolex. Don’t be upset if this has also happened to you too. When you have a little cash in your pocket, a BMW and a Rolex are like two sirens calling to you – and you have an overwhelming sensation to gravitate toward them. It’s actually quite a natural phenomenon…

The luster of these purchases generally last a few years and then you realized that you have the same watch and car everyone else has. And there you are with your Beemer, Roller, tan khakis, and blue button down dress shirt realizing it is time for a change.

Chopard Extra-Plate

I remember that day like it was yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I mean no slight to any Rolex or BMW owners – they really are great machines in their own right. The thing is – my personal style changed – as it does every few years or so. After I sold my first Rolex, I went the other direction and bought a Frank Muller Casablanca, definitely a more progressive timepiece for the “new” me.

It also seems as if our favorite Aussie Roman Gladiator has also had his tastes change. Seen here Russell Crowe is sitting with Giorgio Armani watching his South Sidney rugby league team compete with another Aussie rugby team.

Those familiar with Russell’s wrist – knows he has always religiously worn his trusty Rolex – no matter what he is doing. But… it seems as if Russell might have grown out of Rolex or quite possibly expanded his horological horizons these days opting for a more stylish and refined Chopard Extra-Plate watch.

Hey Russell, what did you trade the Beemer in for?

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