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Roger Dubuis was founded in 1995 by Roger Dubuis and Carlos Dias. Roger Dubuis manufactures eight different collections: the Roger Dubuis AcquaMare, the Roger Dubuis EasyDiver, the Roger Dubuis Golden Square, the Roger Dubuis Hommage, the Roger Dubuis MuchMore, the Roger Dubuis Sympathie, the Roger Dubuis TooMuch, and the Roger Dubuis FollowMe collection.

Roger Dubuis AcquaMare

The Roger Dubuis AcquaMare collection is a large square watch with roman numerals on the dial. The Bezel has Arabic numbers and the minutes and hour hands have a unique design. The Crown on the AcquaMare is set into the case with a metal ridge. The AcquaMare comes with a rubber strap and a deployent buckle.

Roger Dubuis EasyDiver Chronograph

The Roger Dubuis EasyDiver watch comes in two sizes a 43mm and a 46mm version. The 46mm EasyDiver is a chronograph and comes in stainless steel with screw down crowns. The EasyDiver Tourbillon is a beautiful watch with the Tourbillon set in the bottom right corner of the dial.

Roger Dubuis Golden Square Flying Tourbillon

The Roger Dubuis Golden Square watch is a retro looking square watch available with enamel or carbon fiber dials. The Golden Square comes in an automatic, sub seconds, dual time zone, tourbillon and perpetual calendar version. The Roger Dubuis Golden Square has two case sizes, a 34mm and a 40mm.

Roger Dubuis Much More

The Roger Dubuis MuchMore is a classic looking rectangular shaped watch. The MuchMore comes in a chrono version and a perpetual calendar version. The MuchMore is available in rose gold with a white, black or cinnamon colored dial. The Roger Dubuis Sympathie is has a round case with tear shaped points in the corner. The Sympathie has a large 43mm case and a white dial.

Roger Dubuis TooMuch

The Roger Dubuis TooMuch has a rectangular case that is turned sideways. The TooMuch features a unique double strap leather bracelet available in black, blue, and green and pink. The TooMuch is made in an automatic, chrono, and dual time zone version.

Roger Dubuis FollowMe

The Roger Dubuis FollowMe has a very unique design. The case is shaped like a cross with the hours and minute hands set in the middle. All the FollowMe watches come in bright colors like pink, red and brown.

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