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Recently, a large number of jewelry manufacturers have been putting emphasis on right-hand rings  in their collections and advertising. Right-hand rings, also known simply as fashion rings , are basically diamond fashion rings that a woman can wear as an accessory. These rings can be meant for casual day wear, professional wear, or even as elegant dress pieces.

Right-hand rings are the perfect gift for a woman who likes to show off her love of sparkling diamond jewelry. And let’s be honest here, most women like to show off their sparklies! The design can range from every-day basic to totally funky. Kwiat, for example has a big selection of right hand rings in their “Starburst” collection, “Solaris” collection, and a variety of other collections. These rings usually feature a mass of mid to small size diamonds in unique patterns and designs. Also, these rings often feature less common diamond cuts such as baguettes, marquise cut, and pear shaped diamonds.

Another popular form of right-hand diamond fashion rings is eternity and half-band diamond rings. We carry a variety of unique bands from manufacturers such as Sasha Primak. These bands come in a mass of variations including floral designs, convex and concave pave designs, and designs featuring filigree and engraving. It’s also very popular to include other precious gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, or emerald to add a splash of color.

If you are searching for a right-hand fashion ring as a gift, consider your loved one’s design preferences. Take a look at her jewelry collection and search for specific designs, diamond shapes, metal types, and trends to determine what type of fashion ring might fit with her collection.

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