Quartz For Sports: The TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch

A vast proportion of the ink (traditional and electronic) gets expended upon timepieces which are mechanically driven. This makes sense – after all, the art of traditional watchmaking, and all the fascinating elements which make it so wondrous are embodied in these timepieces, with their finely decorated movements, charming complications, and their softly ticking balance wheels.

That said, there are in fact some very cool quartz watches out there, which do serve a place in even the most seasoned collection. Today’s case in point is the very well designed and attractive TAG Heuer Professional Golf watch. The horological buzz generally goes that playing golf while wearing a mechanical watch (particularly a very slim automatic-winding one) is at best, not advisable. While the topic is a contentious one and opinions do differ, most seem to agree that the G-forces imparted by the golf swing can damage the delicate balance staff, as well as other intricate structures in the mechanism. Why take a chance? Plus, most wristwatches are awkward enough to interfere with the wrist movements, which is why, aside from ads in which the golfer wears a watch brand which sponsors him/her, you don’t see these athletes wearing them while actually playing. (The same can be said for tennis pros) The TAG Heuer Golf watch is one exception, and it was designed specifically to be worn while swinging a club, with the input of perhaps the greatest living golf professional in the world today – Tiger Woods.

The TAG Heuer Professional Golf watch has an extremely sporty, yet very elegant design. Because its movement is electronically powered, the case can be uncompromisingly slender and ergonomic. It’s also feathery light thanks to its titanium and steel construction, and amazingly supple, thin silicon strap. The fact that the “buckle” is part of the case means that you don’t have anything digging into your wrist. The crown also, is on the left side of the case, and recessed nicely, meaning it won’t press uncomfortably into the back of the hand. This watch feels amazing on – more accurately, it really doesn’t feel like you even have a watch on, that’s how comfortable this piece really is.

However, this is not a design which only has appeal for golfers; its also a perfect choice for anyone who’s looking for a tough, slender and unobtrusive sports watch that takes comfort to the maximum. In addition to its well-known precision, quartz technology is extremely tough, and it allows for the creation of an extremely slim timepiece – perfect for certain applications. This excellent TAG Heuer watch uses both of those attributes to their best advantage.

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