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Designer silver jewelry has been elevated into a new realm of modern chic with Franco Pianegonda’s designer jewelry collection. Pianegonda’s sterling silver jewelry designs are bold, unique and fabulous! While perusing the latest Pianegonda jewelry catalog, it becomes apparent that this Italian designer jewelry brand is determined to do things their own way.

This ethic is manifest in the striking and colorful jewelry designs that fill their collection. Bright blue topaz, rich purple amethyst, gleaming black onyx, and other gemstones bring color and contrast to highly polished sterling silver. Along with these luscious materials, Pianegonda’s jewelry designs feature bold shapes such as elongated hearts, large crosses, and thick chain links.

The line also mixes in rich 18k yellow gold. Gold has a long history in Italian designer jewelry, and these two-tone designs are one way that Pianegonda simultaneously tips their collective hat towards their Italian heritage while also bringing designer jewelry into the future with high fashion designs.

Another unique feature of Pianegonda’s designer jewelry offerings is their extensive line of men’s jewelry. Bracelets, fashion rings, necklaces, and cufflinks all receive a thoroughly modern recreation in the hands of Pianegonda’s design team.

If you are looking for designer jewelry that makes a statement, look no further!

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