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Many Omega watch enthusiasts expressed their pleasure upon seeing the Museum Collection No8 Racend Timer, which was shown at this year’s Baselworld exhibit. This stunning pink gold chronograph presents a number of charming elements that are taken directly from the page of historically important Omega watches from the 40’s and 50’s.

The squared chronograph pushers are one of those minute aesthetic features which endear me to this Omega timepiece (they look as good on this watch as they do on Patek Philippe’s coveted Ref. 5970 chronograph). And how about the Racend Timer’s incredible dial, with its applied faceted triangular indices, leaf-shaped gold hands, and the bi-colored tachymeter and pulsometer scales in blue and red? The execution is superb, resulting in a chronograph which can truly be described as beautiful, without any hyperbole.

The Omega Museum Collection No8 Racend Timer, despite all its vintage charm, is horologically advanced, thanks to the Omega 3201 caliber which ticks inside. This chronograph movement has all the technical goodies, including a column-wheel and vertical-clutch coupling (meaning the chronograph will leap into action without shuddering; what’s more, you can keep the mechanism running continually if you prefer, something not considered a good idea with horizontal-clutch chronos). Another nicety is the acclaimed Omega Co-Axial Escapement, which has received a lot of press for its many long-term potential advantages over the “good old” Swiss lever escapement found in the vast majority of mechanical watches.

Just 1,949 of these luxurious Omega chronographs will be made, the number commemorating the year in which Omega introduced its revolutionary photo-finish camera, which was given the name “Racend Timer”.

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