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Take a moment to admire the confidence, the stare, the red hair and stiff upper lip. There really is no better nickname for Margaret Thatcher then “The Iron Lady”. She has a stare that would make Mr. T a little nervous. She was the leader of the conservative party and Prime Minister of England for over a decade.

Margaret Thatcher was a machine, she was tough, functioned on four hours sleep, and was dedicated to her cause. In 2007 Gordon Brown’s wife described Margaret Thatcher as a “Conviction Politician,” a person who believed in what she was doing. Some joked she would eat her young if the job demanded it.

Love her or hate her Margaret Thatcher was an important political figure not only to England – but to the rest of the world. She is in fact political royalty – respected and feared worldwide – the first female Prime Minister of England.

So what watch does tough as nails former Prime Minister choose when looking for a tough as nails watch? The ultimate luxury sports watch: The Audemars Piguet lady Royal Oak of course!

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