Marco Bicego Jaipur Jewelry

Marco Bicego’s jewelry creations are famous the world over for their superb quality, not just in terms of materials and craftsmanship, but also for the designer’s impeccable vision. Representing the perfect combination of luxury, fashion and a playful spirit, Marco Bicego’s jewelry creations are the quintessential fashion accessory. With his latest collection entitled “Jaipur”, Marco Bicego continues his tradition of gold and gemstone craft creating effortless every-day luxury.

The “Jaipur” jewelry collection from Marco Bicego is an animated combination of vibrant gemstones, hand-chiseled 18k gold and festive design. As the namesake of the collection, Jaipur is also the source location for the lovely gemstones which are incorporated into this handsome collection. Each of the carefully bezel set semi-precious gems is unique in terms of shape, size and hue. The organic look of these glowing gemstones is accentuated by matching 18k gold disk links which are individually hand-finished in a radiant brushed style.

While the “Jaipur” jewelry collection rests very comfortably amongst Marco Bicego’s other creations, it also represents a more primal and distilled style which effectively conveys the designer’s passion for adornment. In a sense, this collection seems to show Marco Bicego reaching back through time to grasp at a bygone simplicity and elegance in design. What emerges is a gemstone jewelry collection that is elementally beautiful and effortlessly fashionable. Bravo Mr. Bicego!

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Sandy is another legacy jewelry and watch expert at Lussori. Sandy’s knowledge stems from 15 years of experience which started in a family owned jewelry store. She began her career as an appraiser and earned her Colored Stone, Diamonds & Diamond Grading Certificates from the GIA. She began her love affair with watches over 10 years ago and that fire still burns strong today.

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