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Jewelry is unique in the world of consumer goods for a variety of reasons, but the most important, I believe, is that buying jewelry is all about romance. Whether it’s an engagement ring signifying the passion of love and commitment or a rare estate jewelry piece representing the history and tradition of jewelry artistry, these items all embody passion and romance.

When a woman looks at a pair of dazzling diamond stud earrings, she doesn’t see a price tag, she sees something indescribably beautiful, which has the power to take her breath away. This point is often lost on men purchasing gifts for their beloved. The male approach is generally to gather all the data including technical specs like color and clarity for diamonds, assess the carat weights, metal types, etc, and then hit the internet to figure out what “fair pricing” is for the item they are considering.

This process however, has a very disheartening and tragic effect:  it sucks the romance right out of the purchase. When a woman sees something and falls in love with it, you can see it in her face.  Men need to realize that when they look down at the price tag of the item, they are looking the wrong direction! If her face is telling you that she’s in love with something, then your search is over, and as soon as you whip out the credit card, your job is done. She is happy because she has fallen in love with a beautiful piece of jewelry which is now hers, and you are now happy because,… well because she’s happy, and really, that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

My point here is simple: There is certainly something to be said for being well informed about proper pricing, but what is much more important is making sure that your gift to her is a token of romance, love and passion, not just a testament to your skills as a haggler.

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