Jet Setters Spend Big Money on Watches

I just read an article about a couple of researchers who looked at the people who own private jets and how they spend their cash. Apparently the average jet owner has an average income of 9 million a year and is worth around 90 million dollars.

They also love their booze and spend over $30,000 a year on it. That is incredible. I had an uncle who used to spend $30,000 a year on booze…… except he only made $45,000 a year.  :)

I guess if you are only drinking Silver Oak Cabernet you can reach that amount annually. What does $30,000 Get you? It gets you 25 Cases of Silver Oak Wine (300 bottles).

That means if you are drinking alone (which I am sure they are not), you are drinking 4 glasses of the finest California wine every 30 hours. WOW! These lucky folks also spend $117,000 on clothes every year. Thats almost $10,000 a month. Look out Paris Hilton!

Of course being the watch geek that I am, I was interested in what they were spending on watches. On average, these jet setters spend $147,000 a year on fine timepieces? Think about it. Every year you could get one super awesome watch like a tourbillon or minute repeater .

If it were me, I might go another angle.

What would you get if you had $147,000 to spend on watches?