JeanRichard Watches

JeanRichard (formerly known as Daniel JeanRichard) is owned by the famous watchmaker Girard Perregaux and is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds. JeanRichard manufactures eight different collections of watches: The JeanRichard TV Screen, The Grand TV Screen, The Grand Tourbillon, The TV Screen Lady, The Diverscope, The Bressel, and the Classiques.

JeanRichard TV Screen Automatic

The JeanRichard TV Screen has a retro shaped case that resembles a television set from the 1950’s. The TV Screen has several different dial color options including black and white. The JeanRichard Grand TV Screen comes in several different models including a chronograph, split second chrono, grand calendar, and a tourbillon. The JeanRichard Grand TV Screen is available in steel and has a round case shape in addition to the TV case shape. The TV screen Ladies version comes in a smaller TV shaped case with a variety of dial colors including white, blue and pink. JeanRichard also makes a version with diamonds on the bezel.

JeanRichard Chronoscope

The JeanRichard Chronoscope is a mens sport watch with a chronograph and a bi directional bezel. The Chronoscope is available in a black dial and a gold and blue dial. The JeanRichard Diverscope is a true divers watch with an integrated bi-directional bezel. All the Diverscopes are made out of Titanium, and are available with a crocodile or natural leather strap.

JeanRichard Bressel 1665

The JeanRichard Bressel model is available in three different sizes, 37mm, 40mm and 43mm. All the Bressel models come with a chronograph. The Bressel is also available with a GMT function.

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