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One of my favorite accents on a fine watch are blued steel hands. There is just something about those shimmering, lustrous hands traveling across a clean, elegantly laid out dial that exudes class, quality, and tradition in a big way. Many brands have made models which display exquisitely blued steel hands, so covering all of them all in a brief space would almost certainly be an exercise in futility. However, there are a few which immediately spring to mind, that convey just how attractive traditionally blued hands are.

Jaquet Droz Quantieme Perpetuel Email

Jaquet Droz watches are famous for their traditionally fire-blued hands. Picking a favorite from this brand is extremely difficult, but one which really stands out to my eyes is the Grande Heure Minute Cerclee watch – I love the length of those hands, which really emphasizes how beautifully the bluing is executed by the Jaquet Droz artisans. The complicated Quantieme Perpetuel Email watch is also stunning, with its dual blued serpentine hands for the calendar indications. You also can’t go wrong with the brand’s ever popular Grande Seconde watch in its many variations, especially the classic white enamel version, which brings the sumptuous richness of the Jaquet Droz bluing to its absolute maximum.

The Glashutte Original Senator Meissen is sheer perfection, too, and doubly special. Not only does it feature fabulously shaped Poire-style hands with traditional bluing, these gorgeous hands pop out at you from an absolutely amazing crisp, white, and lustrously glossy dial made from world-famous Meissen porcelain, which is marked with ever-so-slender Roman numerals. Fabulous!

Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer

If blued hands appeal to you as much as they do to me, and you want a sporty watch which can be worn every day (and under the water), then have a look at Ulysse Nardin’s Marine Collection – a range of models here, from the classic Marine Chronometer 1846 watch, to the larger Maxi Marine Chronometer, to the rotating bezel – equipped Maxi Marine Diver have variants which are equipped with these elegantly finished hands, naturally applied with plenty of luminous material at their tips to ensure that their function in darkness matches their beauty in the light of day.

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