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Despite the wealth of semi-precious gemstone jewelry that congests the cases of retail jewelry stores and websites, it’s surprisingly difficult to find tasteful and well crafted semi-precious jewelry designs. Perhaps due to the fact that semi-precious gemstones are more common and less costly than their precious counterparts, these gemstones are often regarded as second-tier. Following from this, many jewelers choose to use lesser quality semi-precious gems and utilize them in mass-produced designs.

Jane Taylor is one designer who bucks this trend by creating truly extraordinary semi-precious gemstone jewelry with no compromises on materials, craftsmanship or design. The difference is immediately apparent by the clarity and vibrancy of her gemstones. This is accented by elegantly simple designs which perfectly complement and showcase the scintillating gemstones.

With production based in New York, Jane Taylor Jewelry maintains extremely high quality standards for their artisans as well as materials. The feel of these jewelry designs is pure luxury with perfectly smooth metals and expertly balanced styles. The candy colored pallet of this collection makes it distinctly feminine, fresh and fun.

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