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The IWC Small Da Vinci is a watch which defies convention, something that Leonardo Da Vinci himself would no doubt approve of. By adroitly combining a quartz-driven motor with a mechanical chronograph module, IWC’s engineers have produced a watch which unites the best of two worlds: the accuracy of a quartz movement, with the technical appeal and craft of a complex chronograph mechanism. Stylish as well as sophisticated, the IWC Small Da Vinci features a smooth, contoured 29-mm case characteristic of the legendary Da Vinci introduced by IWC in 1985.

Available in 18K gold or steel, with two dial selections to choose from, and on strap or a fine link bracelet, the Small Da Vinci is perfectly suited for either casual or evening wear. Technically, the IWC Small Da Vinci is full of surprises. Its caliber 630 movement features 25-jewels – an exceptionally high count for a quartz driven watch, and necessary too, as the mechanical chronograph module is complex, comprising more than 200 components. The strikingly visible moon-phase display is as accurate as it is beautiful, deviating from astronomical reality by only one day in 122 years. A unique combination of elan and brilliant design, the IWC Small Da Vinci is a fine selection for anyone who seeks a smaller watch which nonetheless possesses great substance.

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