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Protecting the environment is all the rage these days, and prestigious watch companies in picturesque Switzerland are among the most staunch devotees of reducing carbon emissions, halting global climate change, and other popular buzz phrases. While I take a comparatively neutral stance (how Swiss of me!) on the matter, I’m gratified to note that watches commemorating such efforts tend to be really attractive – rather than overly themey political statements. (Think straps in hemp, organization logos on the dial, etc.) Take as an example the IWC Ingenieur Automatic Edition Climate Action watch.

Created to support the efforts of the non-profit “Climate Group”, this special IWC timepiece stands well apart from its siblings in the Ingenieur collection. When I first saw this model’s ceramic bezel, and brilliant yellow accents, I figured it must have something to do with Formula 1 or some other high-speed sport. These are great touches that really bring out the angular, masculine power of the modern Ingenieur design – particularly in this powerful 44mm case size. I really like the way the fabric strap works with the design as a whole, and prefer it to the bracelet – masterfully crafted though the latter certainly is. IWC’s super-robust 80110 caliber with the shock absorbing rotor bridge and pellaton winding system is carried over from standard production models, and makes this watch an ideal candidate for the most demanding wearing habits.

IWC discreetly advertises the mission statement on the screw-down back of the watch. There, you’ll find the engraving “IWC supports voluntary action on climate change”. So, if you are are an environmental crusader, you can take pride that your purchase of the watch has gone to help keep the planet clean and green. Those who are more skeptical and/or simply want a superb luxury sports watch can go merrily about their way, enjoying one super-sharp IWC that isn’t granolafied in any way.

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