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Despite Hugh Jackman’s big screen success in such films as the X-Men and Van Helsing – he generally lives his life outside the public eye. Jackman is a native of Australia and opts for living an understated life “down under” with his wife and kids rather than in the spotlight of Hollywood.

He must pick his movie rolls to complement his “below the radar” lifestyle since in his other blockbuster rolls you never actually see his face.

In Jackman’s other two blockbuster hits, he plays cartoon characters. In the summer kids favorite Happy Feet he plays “Memphis” as well as “Roddy” in Flushed away, two summer animated films that grossed a total of 250 million dollars.

It seems the understated Jackman likes his watches understated too. Seen here Hugh Jackman opts for the unassumingly elegant Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 watch.

We should see more of Hugh Jackman in the next few years as he is in pre-production with the film “Wolverine” due out in 2008.

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