How to choose a good watch

How to choose a good watch

When we think of watches, we realize nowadays they are mainly considered as an accessory, and as an accessory they must fit to the occasion, so you may be asking yourself, ‘’then, why should I get a military watch?’’ most of the people who know about this would answer, ‘’because it could save your life’’, and if you think I’m going to do the same here, well, you are absolutely right. This kind of watch has very specific features, that sport, or any other type watches don’t have, this watches are made for extreme environments, in order to help us under unwanted circumstances, like, for example getting lost in the woods or the jungle, or to avoid such scenarios.

One of the main characteristics we’re looking for, is a great durability, so we can trip and fall, and roll over ourselves and check out the watch with not even a scratch, we’re (as it says on the title) looking for military durability, something that can take a stone to the screen and keep working perfectly. Though we should include waterproof in this feature, we’re going to say it apart so you won’t forget, water proof feature is as important as its durability, it’s kind of dumb thinking of a super durable and unbreakable watch that dies every time a drop of water touches it, that’s not the kind of watch I’d suggest to any one, or would keep for myself.

Another feature that cannot be missed is the battery life, even though most of the watches have long life batteries, we have to check on them, some of these have batteries that could last a year. Having a good tactical watch could save your skin more than once, there are many special features, that, depending on what you need could make you decide for one model or the other, some of they are:

  • GPS, so you know where you’re, and avoiding getting lost
  • Compass, kind of like the GPS, but it won’t hurt having a backup, or other option
  • Altimeter, if you like hiking, or climbing you’ll for sure use this feature
  • Barometer, can give you heads up if a storm is coming, giving you time to shelter
  • Sunrise or sundown times, to avoid going out in the night when hiking, or to know when to get back
  • Weather alerts, obviously to know how’s going to be weather during the day.

And many other features. So, it would not be so bad having one of those when you get lost in the forest and your phone is dead, would it? If you want some other tips, we would recommend you to get watches that have an atomic clock: they update the hour every certain time giving you extra accuracy on time, and also check what kind of battery for your watch would suit you better, because there are Traditional batteries, the one that most watches use, Lithium batteries, and solar powered batteries that have unlimited life.

This type of watch has prices that often go from 100$ to 800$, it will depend on the brand, the model, and its features.

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