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Hearts On Fire has established a reputation for offering the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds. Expensive though they are, to my knowledge, there is truly no other diamond cut which approaches their level of performance and beauty.

As a brand, Hearts On Fire has never been one to sit on its laurels. They have developed a tradition of innovation and design which has led to the creation of 2 unique diamond cuts, along with an ever expanding collection of jewelry designs. Elegance, class and practicality are guiding principles which have given rise to a collection rich in both fashion and bridal/anniversary jewelry designs.

With their “Signature” jewelry collection, Hearts On Fire offers couture jewelry which rivals the quality of design and craftsmanship offered by the world’s finest jewelry houses. This collection features both classic and modern design styles with the unifying theme being size – these pieces are all significant in terms of carat weight and craftsmanship.

One must admire the dedication, persistence and innovative spirit which make Hearts On Fire such a unique success story. There is little ground that this brand has not yet covered in the world of diamond jewelry, and they show no signs of slowing down.

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