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The Ocean Dual Time watch is the latest horological tour-de-force from Harry Winston. This stunning timepiece even won a “Best Men’s Watch” award at the 1st Asian edition of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve in Singapore. Why did it win? Knowing that there are many fine, attractive and practical GMT watches out there (among them examples with day/night indicators a la the Blancpain Dual Time Zone watch) Harry Winston took things a step further and created a supremely luxurious travel watch with two separate time zone displays, each with its very own day/night indicator. Just a bit reduced in size compared to the primary timezone dial, the time zone subdial to the left has been made exceptionally easy to reflect changes to your location; by activating the “minute repeater-esque” slide piece on the caseband, you can advance quickly and simply; not just practical, the lever creates a palpable sense of technical suspense and watchmaking exclusivity.

As sophisticated as the mechanism is within the Ocean Dual Time watch, it is the uncanny beauty of every design element that ultimately makes this a must-have timepiece. Consider the intricate dial: While there a reasonable amount going on, and it might even seem slightly chaotic, you quickly realize that the organization is actually perfectly logical. From the mechanical cool factor of the large date display, to the mysterious day/night indicators and the signature throwing-star seconds indicator, everything fits together with precise artistry and exemplary attention to the most minute details. The same can be said of the exquisitely intricate Ocean watch case, with its immaculate transitions between satin and polished surfaces and luxuriously potent wrist presence.

It is objects such as the Ocean Dual Time which keep watch lovers abuzz over what great projects Harry Winston might be concocting next. As a luxury watch brand, Harry Winston is outstanding – consistently achieving a winning mixture of traditional horological craftsmanship, mechanical wizardry, and that rare beauty which defies tired aesthetic cliches.

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