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With the abundance of fine chronograph watches in the luxury timepiece arena, it’s quite challenging to find one that really stands out from the pack. Happily, the house of Harry Winston has really figured out how to deliver watch aficionados something truly special and yes – unique. Witness the Harry Winston Ocean Chronograph watch, where elapsed chronograph time is not told via the ubiquitous round counters, but by a dazzling trio of retrograde hands.

As with the entire Harry Winston watch collection, detail of the Ocean Chrono both inside and out goes far beyond the standard of “just good enough”. At first, the case looks deceptively simple – an apparent variation on the classic round shape. Then, you look closer, and notice the superb borders on the lugs, the perfect finishing of every nuance and those distinctive crown guards whose arched shape evokes the famous entryway to Harry Winston’s boutique. Its not easy to do, but the Ocean case manages to bridge the gap between sport and dress.

Dials possess a similar sense of order, beauty and flare for design that really bring those leaping chronograph hands to life. One bit of minutiae I particularly love – and I know I’m not alone here – is the unique small seconds display. Look closely at the lower part of the Ocean Chronograph dial, directly above the “Harry Winston” signature – instead of a hand, you’ll see a little blued steel shuriken (throwing star) that rotates continually so long as the watch is running. It’s a beautiful, mesmerizing little addition that adds charm to the Ocean Chronograph, as well as a touch of practicality.

Beyond its beautiful exterior and tastefully exotic design, the Harry Winston Ocean Chronograph watch is a substantial example of haute horlogerie excellence. The movement inside – which you can view through the sapphire back – is based upon the exquisite Frederic Piguet 1185, a caliber which two decades after its debut, still endures as the world’s thinnest column-wheel controlled, fully integrated, automatic winding chronograph movement. Other great chronograph movements have come onto the scene since this one made its debut two decades ago, but arguably none have surpassed its combination of innovative construction and elegant workmanship. Harry Winston’s brilliant triple retrograde displays merely make it that much more fascinating and prestigious. Without any exaggeration, it is pure pleasure to observe these chronograph hands as they travel through their paces – a captivating marvel of Swiss watchmaking from Harry Winston Rare Timepieces!

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