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Nothing is more captivating than the gleaming radiance of pure 24k gold, and no jewelry designer showcases this unique beauty better than Gurhan Orhan. Gurhan  is known throughout the world as the king of 24k gold jewelry, and his designs show a passion and reverence for gold that is extraordinary. Through his jewelry designs, we are reminded of just how precious and unique gold is.

As with any great artist, Gurhan has progressed in his craft. Over the years, he has learned to incorporate various materials into his gold jewelry designs ranging from rough cut gemstones to ancient artifacts. Whereas his early designs display minor accents which maintain a focus on gold as the focal point, some of his more recent creations boldly display stunning colored gemstones.

March and April have seen a flurry of Gurhan gemstone jewelry designs being featured in publications such as Town & Country, Veranda and  Palm Beach Illustrated. From coral to opal and pink tourmaline, these designs show Gurhan embracing vibrant gemstone colors and melding them with his signature 24k gold in new and exciting designs.

For Gurhan collectors, these new jewelry creations offer a wonderful way to breath new life into your jewelry wardrobe while maintaining a consistent style and aesthetic. As always, the quality and craftsmanship of these designs is second to none.

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